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We believe that creating a unique, dynamic event starts with a great vision!

We have an impressive range of LED screens for hire, ensuring you have the perfect big screen for your event.

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The clarity of our screens is exceptional, with a pitch resolution of 3.9 mm.
Our screens can be curved into a concave, with an angle of 20 – 30 degrees, and these can be curved all the way up to 360 degrees.
Our screens can be easily disassembled and packaged away, allowing them to be simply stored and transported.
Our screens can be joined together, allowing infinite customisation options, including shapes and sizes.

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Trusted by global brands

We’re proud to work with some of the largest and most admired brands in the world. They rely on Your Equip for innovation and deep specialist expertise, delivered with the ease of full-service capability.

Unrivalled LED Technology

LED screens are flat displays, created from small panels. When pieced together, the panels create a large screen with a seamless visual display. Because the panels are pieced together to build the screen, out LED screen rentals are extremely versatile and are the most suitable products for large scale needs. They also handle brightness very well, providing a great quality image without hindrance from a bright environment.

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Our LED’s are effective from extremely wide viewing angles maximising the screen’s impact for big audiences.


High brightness and impressive contrast levels make our LED screens ideal for use in very bright outdoor locations. Even in direct sunlight.


Our LED’s emit their own light, creating bolder and brighter colours. The result is an image more eye-catching and captivating than back-lit screens.

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